About Us

The Sugar Shack Bakery was created to fill a need in Wimberley for those who want a cake by “scratch”.

We sold over 280 cakes in order for our granddaughter to go to Africa on a Missionary trip. After finishing the Missionary project the town was not going to take no for an answer that we were through with baking.

So we closed our gift shop business and decided to go full scale on a commercial bakery located in a house next to our home. We immediately got calls from local Restaurants and Coffee Shops. Then the phone did not stop ringing with orders from the public.

We are blessed to have the award winning recipes that belonged to my mother in law, who was a personal chef and baker for the ex-Governor of Texas’ family, the Shiver’s out of Woodville, Texas. Some of her original recipes are over 75-100 years old.

We now do weddings and birthday celebrations on a daily basis. We look forward to new customers and so appreciate our steady flow of existing customers.